What Can Be Done About Cerebral Palsy?

Medical advances have resulted in better care and treatment options for patients with Cerebral Palsy. However, there are still significant opportunities for discovering ways to reduce the prevalence of the disorder, mitigate the effects, and prevent the condition from developing.

The purpose of MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation (MCCPF) is to help researchers discover these opportunities by providing funding for projects that share our commitment to Cerebral Palsy mitigation and prevention. With time and dedication, we hope to find a cure for the disorder.

Treatment Options

The ideal treatment option for patients with Cerebral Palsy will depend on symptoms, severity and extent of the condition, and a number of other factors. Because CP presents so differently, there is no one solution.

Treatments that are currently available include:

  • Medications for relaxing muscles, managing pain, and addressing other issues
  • Assistive or adaptive technology to enhance mobility and communication
  • Surgical procedures to restore bodily function

Managing symptoms is important, but it’s just as important for children to have opportunities to learn skills that make it possible for them to transcend their limitations. Therapeutic options like physical therapy, behavioral therapy, counseling, social therapy, and more can all help children with CP take strides toward greater day-to-day function and overall independence.

Goals of Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Each patient’s specific needs are different. However, the aim of therapy, medication, surgery, and other treatment options is generally to:

  • Improve quality of life
  • Aid in locomotion and muscle function
  • Improve communication skills
  • Manage pain and prevent complications
  • Foster social skills
  • Provide educational opportunities
  • Facilitate greater self-reliance

By continuing to pursue opportunities for progress in CP research, we hope to make it possible for patients to enjoy lifelong improvements in their health, if not prevent and cure Cerebral Palsy entirely.

How Can I Help?

Ongoing research into Cerebral Palsy has resulted in breakthroughs leading to new treatments, therapies, and other developments. Our Foundation’s mission is to provide support for future breakthroughs.

The projects funded by MCCPF would not be possible without your support. When you donate to MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation, our governing board will reinvest donations into deserving CP research and development projects. You can also connect with our Foundation online to find out how we invest your donations and learn about the people we’re trying to help.

Find out more about how you can get involved today. We look forward to hearing from you!