Resources for Professional Caregivers

MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation understands the pressures and challenges faced by medical professionals who diagnose and treat Cerebral Palsy. Our board of governors is composed of doctors and researchers who have distinguished themselves as experts in the arena of Cerebral Palsy.

You collaborate with patients and their families every day to mitigate symptoms and identify ways to adapt and overcome. MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation supports the good work done by our peers by offering the most comprehensive range of online resources available for patients affected by CP.

In addition to professionals, we recognize that parents, grandparents, and other family members play crucial roles as caregivers, too. Loved ones provide home care for children and adults with Cerebral Palsy, create a loving, supportive environment, and often walk every step of the journey as individuals who faced limitations discover new ways to thrive. Our Foundation is proud to provide resources for family caregivers as well.

How MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation Can Help Caregivers

The journey with Cerebral Palsy is filled with many questions. Not all of these questions can be answered easily during a visit or therapy session. Online resources can be extremely helpful for patients and loved ones in search of information, but identifying the most credible websites is of the utmost importance.

Knowledge is power, and our Foundation is proud to be a resource on the Web that caregivers can trust. By directing your clients to our website, you can rest assured that they will receive accurate, informative answers to questions such as:

Our Foundation is passionate about empowering people with Cerebral Palsy and providing the best support possible for families and community members. By supporting the pivotal role caregivers play in creating effective treatment plans, we hope to make a meaningful impact in the lives of people affected by CP and help the medical and scientific professions make strides toward more effective treatments and therapies.

Seeking Solutions for Cerebral Palsy

Medical advances are often made by the doctors and researchers who dedicate their lives to helping patients cope with lifelong health issues. The mission of MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation is to discover the projects that could lead to solutions for CP and award grants to provide those projects with necessary funding.

Our Foundation awards grants to a multitude of projects, including new and improved medications, therapy techniques, assistive technology, and more. Though our Foundation doesn’t spend each day face-to-face with patients like professional caregivers do, we believe our goals are similar: to reduce the impact and occurrence of Cerebral Palsy and, one day, discover a cure for the disorder.

To learn more about our vast resources on the Web and other services for professional caregivers, please contact MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation online today.