MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation – Who We Are

Founded in 2012, MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation (MCCPF) was established with the express purpose of advancing efforts to understand, prevent, treat, and cure Cerebral Palsy. No one navigates the journey of Cerebral Palsy alone, and the activities of our Foundation are likewise only possible through the contributions of a community of supporters.

Our Leadership

Our Board of Directors comprises an evolving membership of respected professionals who are invested in our mission to end Cerebral Palsy. These professionals come from a variety of different backgrounds and have a wealth of diverse experience in fields such as research, medicine, law, and finance.

With this wide-ranging experience, our Board is uniquely able to thoughtfully and thoroughly review grant proposals submitted by scientists, researchers, and other groups and individuals throughout the country. The Board accepts applications and carefully allocates funding for a wide variety of different projects, including drugs, products, services, adaptive technology, and more.

Our Review Process

The MCCPF Board of Directors meets on a quarterly basis to review grant applications and budget money for the most deserving projects from the donations raised by MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation. The Foundation accepts applications year-round so researchers won’t have to delay their projects.

In addition to consideration by our Board of Directors, each proposal is subject to evaluation by a Medical Board of Review. The Medical Board thoroughly researches and investigates each application. The Board relies on these findings to provide guidance in how grant funding is awarded to applicants’ projects.

When considering applications, the Board of Directors relies upon a Medical Board of Review to test and evaluate all proposals before the grants are distributed. The Medical Board thoroughly researches and investigates each proposal, enabling the Foundation to award funding to only the most worthy projects.

Our Approach

Every dollar of the grant money awarded by MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation is provided through donations. We have the utmost respect for our donors, and the Foundation has made a promise to make sure contributions are used appropriately.

The rigorous research and investigation used in our multi-layered review process enables MCCPF to be certain that all donations we receive are respected and grants are awarded to only the most worthy projects.

For more information about the Foundation, our grant cycle, and other matters, please peruse our website.