Use of Funds

Any donation to charity is made with the expectation that the money will be used to make a difference. To return our donors’ trust, MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation (MCCPF) strives to be as transparent as possible in how funds are distributed.

The donor community makes the work of the Foundation possible. We are committed to investing your money in projects that we believe will make a difference in mitigating, reducing, prevent, and possibly eliminating Cerebral Palsy.

How Your Donation Will Be Used

Here is how MCCPF uses the money raised through donations:

  • Donations are gathered into a fund for distribution via grants by our governing board
  • The board reviews applications from scientists and researchers who are developing potential advances in Cerebral Palsy medicine
  • The board determines how much money it can award to the applicants who qualify for funding
  • Each quarter the Foundation awards grants to the most deserving projects

All members of the Foundation board are distinguished professionals in the realm of Cerebral Palsy research and care. By keeping operational expenses to an absolute minimum (lower than 10%), the Foundation is able to set aside as much donor money as possible to allocate through research grants.

Join a community dedicated to making a positive difference: Donate to MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation today. We promise to fund exceptional projects with the money you’ve entrusted to us.