How Cerebral Palsy Affects Children

Parents who have a child with Cerebral Palsy know that the path their son or daughter takes through life will be quite different from that of most children. MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation is inspired by all of the children and families who live with CP and find ways to manage the disorder and even thrive in spite of it.

Every child who has Cerebral Palsy faces unique challenges. To provide meaningful support, it’s important for family, friends, and other people involved in the child’s life to understand these obstacles and how to respond.

Challenges of Cerebral Palsy

For most children, the journey with Cerebral Palsy begins very early in life – usually at some point before, during, or after birth when the brain some kind of injury or abnormal development. CP symptoms also tend to begin appearing in early life.

The primary impact of Cerebral Palsy is diminished muscle and motor capabilities. Muscular dysfunction can in turn lead to a variety of secondary issues, possibly including:

  • Developmental delays
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Vision and hearing problems
  • Trouble with speech and non-verbal communication
  • Associative health conditions
  • Problems with self-feeding and swallowing
  • Difficulty socializing
  • Behavioral issues

Given the obstacles children with Cerebral Palsy often face, it’s important for parents and other family members to be knowledgeable about possible limitations and how to manage them. The journey with CP is difficult, and understanding the disorder can only benefit the ability of children and families to cope.

Overcoming Obstacles

Our Foundation is dedicated to expanding the understanding of CP by financially supporting research projects that explore the cause, risk factors, and other elements of the disorder. Knowledge is power for scientists and medical professionals as well as for families affected by Cerebral Palsy. By understanding Cerebral Palsy, researchers can identify better therapies, develop more effective medications, implement preventative measures, and someday even find a cure.

To learn more about the impact of Cerebral Palsy and what you can do to help, please contact MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation online.