Support for Families

Whether your child was recently diagnosed or a loved one has been living with the condition for years, the journey for families affected by Cerebral Palsy is filled with challenges and opportunities for triumph alike. In addition to funding inventive research projects, MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation wants to support families by providing the most comprehensive online resource for managing Cerebral Palsy and helping individuals with the disorder tap and maximize their innate potential.

Our Foundation believes that information isn’t just empowering – understanding Cerebral Palsy can also be a great comfort for families coping with the disorder, as well as a way to identify workarounds and help children and adults learn to thrive.

Managing Cerebral Palsy

A Cerebral Palsy diagnosis leads to immense changes for any family. Many families are able to manage life with Cerebral Palsy by absorbing as much information as possible about the condition and identifying positive changes they can make.

Our Foundation offers online resources on subjects such as:

Each patient with Cerebral Palsy has unique needs, and each family’s situation is different.

Maximizing Potential With Cerebral Palsy

Although Cerebral Palsy does create limitations that can be very difficult to overcome, many patients and their families have found ways to live rich, rewarding lives despite the diagnosis. By taking advantage of available medical treatments, financial programs, government benefits, and other opportunities, many individuals with Cerebral Palsy have found ways to walk, talk, live independently, and realize a wide variety of dreams and ambitions.

Our Foundation is equally committed to supporting families who are thriving. Our online library can help you identify strategies for augmenting your family’s personal care plan with next steps for attaining a higher level of health and happiness. Along with the encouragement of our online community, you can also find resources in your area for additional support. 

To learn more about our online resources, please contact MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation online with comments, questions, and more.