Grant Seeker FAQ

MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation appreciates your interest in applying for a grant. Before filling out an application, please read these frequently asked questions to learn more about eligibility, factors for consideration, and more.

What type of work do you fund?

MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation is dedicated to reducing, preventing, and eventually eliminating the incidence of Cerebral Palsy by providing financial support to the development of research, medications, therapy, treatments, and other projects. Applicants’ projects should meet the standards set forth in the Foundation’s mission statement.

How often are applications reviewed?

The governing board of the Foundation meets every quarter to review grant applications.

When will I know if I have qualified for a grant?

All applicants will receive notice of their grant status within 15 days of the end of the quarter in which they originally submitted their application.

How many grants does MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation award each quarter?

The number of grants depends on the number of applicants and the amounts awarded. These numbers can vary from quarter to quarter.

Should I include additional materials with my grant application?

The Foundation doesn’t require the submission of specific supplemental materials with a grant application. However, grant seekers are encouraged to provide our Foundation board with as much relevant information as possible, including prototypes, results from scientific tests, and any other evidence of the effectiveness or potential benefit of your project.

The Foundation also requires all grant seekers to disclose additional sources of support, including corporate funding, patent and copyright status, etc.

Who is responsible for reviewing grant applications?

The MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation governing board comprises distinguished members of the medical and scientific community who are committed to the mitigation, prevention, and elimination of Cerebral Palsy.

Can applicants schedule a meeting with the board to discuss their project?

The number of applications the Foundation receives means board members are unable to maintain appointments with individual applicants prior to awarding grants.

I have Cerebral Palsy, or one of my family members has Cerebral Palsy. Am I eligible for a grant?

Unfortunately, the Foundation is unable to award grants for individual financial assistance.

Where do the funds for grants come from?

Grants are funded entirely by donations to MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

How do I apply for a grant?

If you believe your project qualifies for a grant, please access our online grant application and complete it according to the provided instructions.