Determine Your Eligibility

In order to advance efforts to mitigate and prevent Cerebral Palsy, MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation (MCCPF) accepts proposals for many types of projects. If you're developing a medication, product, service, or other treatment or protocol that addresses CP, our Foundation would be pleased to review your grant application

The call for applications is open at most times of year, and MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation doesn't categorically exclude projects so long as they share our mission of meaningfully advancing research and treatment of Cerebral Palsy. To be eligible for consideration, your proposal must:

Projects are not disqualified based solely on supplementary private or public funding. However, MCCPF is dedicated to transparency in our use of funds, and we ask all applicants to be honest about other sources of financial support for your work.

MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation also asks grant applicants to provide the Board with data that supports your project's scientific basis and any results you've attained thus far. Each proposal is subject to a multi-tier evaluation, and any corroborating information will likely enhance our the reviewers' ability to make informed decisions.

If you have additional questions about the grant cycle and how your proposal is evaluated, please visit our grant seeker FAQ section for more information about eligibility.