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The mission of MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation is to reduce the incidence of Cerebral Palsy and mitigate its impact. One day, we hope to be able to prevent the disorder and discover a cure.

To accomplish this mission, our Foundation is committed to the donor community who makes it possible for us to provide financial support for the most deserving developments in Cerebral Palsy research, therapy, and treatment.

Join our donor community: Make a donation to stop Cerebral Palsy today!

When you make a donation to stop Cerebral Palsy, our Foundation makes a commitment to you: To use your donation responsibly so the money provided by the donor community does what it is set aside to do.

Our Foundation sets itself apart through passionate governance by a board of doctors, physicists, and other experts in the field of medicine devoted to Cerebral Palsy. These experts convene on a quarterly basis to evaluate grant submissions from researchers across the country and determine what would be the best investment of donations from the community.

When we award a grant, it represents more than just money. It is an endorsement from professional caregivers and researchers who have distinguished themselves in the Cerebral Palsy arena. And, best of all, each grant is a seal of approval that a project has met the strict standards for receiving support provided by our donor community – by donors like you.

MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation is not a business, and we are proud to be transparent about how donations are used. By keeping administrative costs to an absolute minimum, our Foundation is able to use 90% or more of all donated money for the purpose our donors expect.

If you entrust us with a donation, you will be contributing to our Foundation’s mission of supporting projects that mitigate the effects of Cerebral Palsy and pursue the possibility of a cure. For more information about making a donation and other ways to get involved, please peruse the MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation website.